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Based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, SHRADDHA ASSOCIATES (GUJ) PVT. LTD was established in the year 1981, with the core objective of manufacturing quality industrial Oil Field chemicals.

Quality products, timely delivery and excellent after- sales services are the defining characteristics of the company. The company manufactures Oil Field Chemical from quality material sourced from reputed dealers. Continuous hard work and ardent headship of Mr Rajiv Vyas and Mr Sanjiv Vyas the Directors, of the company has been the motivating force behind the company's success.

We are a paramount organization that is engaged in manufacturing, supplying and distributing a variety of Drilling Fluid and Production Chemicals since last Two and a Half Decades. All the offered products are processed and manufactured using optimum grade ingredients to match with National and international quality standards. The input materials are sourced from most authentic agencies and quality control is maintained at all process stages. Shraddha Associates Company is one of the world players in leading specialty chemicals manufacturers & service provider for major hydrocarbon producing fields. Drawing on its forty-year expertise, company's design and development strategy constantly strives to improve the performance of hydrocarbon industries by creating and developing high value added product line of chemicals and in offering services in exploration, drilling, production, transportation & refining processes. Company's constant quest is also based on the competence, commitment, and responsiveness by one of its team of immense domain expert consultants having wealth of experience and mind set market norms in hydrocarbon upstream & downstream industrial operations chemicals dedicated to research facilities of the company. Accordingly, company's performance relies on its innovation capacity and on a deep knowledge of the specific features and needs of its markets.

Company's production plant is strategically located at the one of the largest industrial state of India in Gujarat benefiting from a perfect political ambience and geographic location, with regards to infra-structure facilities to ensure that operations are not compromised by quality and shortage of inventory.

In our range, we offer the following Drilling Fluid and Production Chemicals.


To be best in class, top-tier performer having a balanced portfolio in the oil and gas industry, focused on core areas in a safe and environmentally responsible manner for the long term benefit and delivering value through performance and partnerships.


Our mission is to deliver outstanding operating and financial results by aggressively building and managing a balanced portfolio with an assortment of growth opportunities covering a range of risks and rewards. We accomplish this by investing in People, Knowledge, Technology and Equipments.


  • Be an Employer of Choice.
  • Strengthen our commitments to H.S.S.E.
  • Strive for excellence in performance
  • Contribute to enterprise and state.
  • Realise Value from Technology.

  • USP’s / Why us

  • Nearly 30 years of experience of manufacturing Oil Field Chemicals
  • Experience of Handling – Manufacturing – Distributing more than 1.5 Lacs Metric Tons.
  • Distribution network Across India and abroad.
  • Bundling approach for Majority of Chemicals and Services.
  • Adequate – updated – sufficient infrastructure for handling mass chemicals and projects
  • Our top management team have a cumulative experience of 75+ Years in oil and gas sector.
  • Productions

    Corrosion inhibitor is a chemical compound that, when added to a liquid or gas, decreases the corrosion rate of a material, especially a metal or an alloy. Inhibitors play an important role in the oil extraction and processing industries. Corrosion causes numerous losses in the form of cost and time. The best way to combat it is its prevention. Inhibiting the corrosion involves adsorption of chemical (chemisorption) on the surface forming a coating which prevents access of the corrosive substance to the metal
    Demulsifiers or emulsion breakers are a class of specialty chemicals used to separate emulsion constituents (e.g. water and oil). Demulsifier formulations enable the quick separation of produced water from oil and hence are used in the processing of crude oil.

    Our Demulsifi ers are especially designed:
  • To achieve fast rate of separation of water from waterin- oil emulsions,
  • To reduce amount of water left in the crude oil after separation
  • To improve quality of separated water for disposal.
  • Bactericide is an additive that kills bacteria and are commonly used in water based drilling fluids that are especially vulnerable to bacterial attack. Bactericides can also be used to control sulfate-reducing bacteria, slime-forming bacteria, iron-oxidizing bacteria and bacteria that attacks polymers in fracture and secondary recovery fluids. Bactericides also help to control corrosion caused by bacteria, such as sulphate-reducing bacteria (SRB). It is an improved corrosion inhibitor bactericide and is useful in preventing corrosion of metallic equipment in oil wells and connecting pipelines.
    Wax deposition can be prevented, delayed, or minimized by the use of wax dispersants. Dispersants act to keep the wax nuclei from agglomerating thereby inhibiting the wax deposition inside the pipelines, thus helping to maintain flow assurence. The dispersants also keep the pipe surface water wet, minimizing the tendency of the wax to adhere.


    Foaming drilling fluid can be difficult to pump and messy to clean up The Defoamers or Antifoaming products are used to minimize or removing the entrapped air and gas from water based and oil based drilling fluids used in drilling of oil wells. The defoamers are effective in a wide range of PH and temperature. The drilling fluid serves several purposes like: to remove cuttings, maintains pressure balance inside the borehole etc. When drilling fluid reaches the surface, foaming occurs due to pressure decreases near the surface. Some of the drilling fluid additives also produce foaming.. The solution is to use the defoamer. Defoamers are used for Cementing applications and stimulation jobs too.
    Drilling Detergent is an aqueous blend of surface active agents. It is designed to reduce the surface tension of all waterbase mud systems to minimize the sticking tendency of water-sensitive clay and shale cuttings. It also has a lubricating effect also reduces torque and drag during drilling operations and occurrence of bit balling that can help save time, improve efficiency.
    EP Lube is water based modified oil fatty acid that can be used to impart extreme pressure lubricating properties to drilling fluids. It readily adsorbs on exposed surfaces, providing a physical coating that is effective in reducing metal-to-metal friction, thereby reduces torque & drag in all water base mud under extreme pressure conditions. It also reduces heat generated at bit face, minimize differential sticking and help to mitigate drill string corrosion.
    Thermally Activated Mud Emulsion (TAME) glycol or Clouding glycols are widely being used with salts e.g. Pot. Chloride in drilling industry for wellbore stability. Another mechanism by which these additives act upon shales is that they are strongly adsorbed by the clay preferentially compared to water. The single polyol layer forms on the clay in the presence of potassium and the resulting complexes are stable in water thus increasing the time and degree of stabilization of the wellbore. By stabilizing the wellbore better, the chance of drilling a wellbore with lower trouble costs and lower completion costs due to better primary cementing increases substantially.
    An anti-sludge agent effectively disperses asphaltenes within the oil phase and inhibits the formation of sludge either by acting as a chemical barrier between the asphaltenes particles and acid or by reacting with and solubilizing the sludge. The anti-sludge agent works as a colloid stabilizer to prevent the formation of these deposits during acid treatments. In addition to preventing sludge formation, it can also perform as a non-emulsifier to prevent some acid-oil emulsions and improve the performance of other nonemulsifiers.
    We provides many types of spotting fluids which are uniquely engineered, specially manufactured, very effective products for full range of applications used to reduce downhole friction in a quick and easy manner by penetrating and cracking of mud filter cakes to facilitate the freeing of differentially stuck pipe or as packer fluid. Most advantages of products are: isolubility in water, diesel or crude oil and ii- does not require high shear and long mixing time.
    HTHP EP Lube is a non-toxic additive used to impart extreme pressure lubricating properties to water-based/ Oil-based drilling fluids. It mixes well with drilling fluids and readily gets adsorbed on exposed surfaces, providing a physical coating / film that effectively reduce metal-to-metal friction. It also helps to reduce the wear on metal parts as well as reduces torque in high angle or horizontal drilling applications.

    Well Simulations

    The surfactants are surface active agent that preferentially adsorb at the interface and lower the surface tension (or interfacial tension) between two liquids or between a liquid and a solid. Surfactants may act as detergents, wetting agents, emulsifiers, foaming agents, and dispersants and are utilized for these purposes in oil industry. The advent of enhanced oil recovery technologies has facilitated increased use of surfactants. Our Oilfield surfactants are the specialty oilfield chemicals that are used in drilling, production and well stimulation operations.
    The producing formation is fractured open using hydraulic pressure and then proppants (propping agents) are pumped into the oil well with fracturing fluid to hold the fracture open. Proppant materials are carefully sorted for size and sphericity to provide an efficient conduit for production of fluid from the reservoir to the wellbore.
    Non-Emulsifier is used to prevent the formation of stable emulsion between clear brine completion fluids and reservoir crude oil. Water based fracturing fluids can form emulsions with the residual oil in the formation during or after fracturing or during other stimulation treatments. Such an emulsion can block the fractures and cause formation damage. The main function of a non-emulsification agent is to break such an emulsion in-situ before the stimulated well is put back to production. Another function of the non-emulsifier is to speed up the separation of water and oil from the initial well flowback fluid.
    The water foamer is used to foam the water and condensate in gas wells which are loaded up in the well and thus create problems in flow assurance. Our product increases the flow rate of the well by lowering the hydrostatic head on the formation. and allows the well to unload the fluid, achieving a higher rate of production.
    It is a concentrated inhibitor blend which is mixed with the treatment fluid designed to inhibit hydrochloric acid corrosion during acidizing.It does this by diffusing from the bulk solution to the metal surface and adsorbing onto the surface creating a protective film to limit the contact of the acid with the base metal.It is recommended to use corrosion inhibitors in acid treatments, e.g. matrix acidizing, acid fracturing, or in sand control treatments. The use of highly acidic fluids leads to severe corrosion, where our Acid Corrosion Inhibitor counters the same.


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    No of years in industry 35 + Years

    350 + Million Pounds Manufacturing / Handling / Supplying


    Approx. 18,000 Sq. Meter Total Plant Size.

    Capacity of Handling / Storage 3,000 Nos. of 1Mt Jumbo bags + 4,000 Barrels

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    ISO 9001:2015


    Federation of Indian Export Organisations(FIEO) Membership

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